Santa Claus Village  

Santa Claus Village is the main area of your trip to Rovaniemi.
By bus, taxi or by your own veichle you will arrive and get a picture like this, a fancy fence, with a wood building and a very charming atmosphere.
santa claus

Inside this building you will get the information desk, several souvenir shops, toilets and a restaurant where you can have a meal or a snack. Most of the shops are occupied by souvenirs related to Santa Claus, Rovaniemi, Elf's and Finland.
Please have a good look before you buy, as you can get some savings for the same items between different stores

                claus village  santa claus

Outside the main building you will find some very interesting spaces to. In the most left side you will find a children's park, with some equipments that will make them happy and stay interested for some time. It's also a good place for something funny, snow ball fight, because is a free space.

                claus village  santa claus
                village Returning to the outside of the information desk, right in front you have THE main spot: Santa Claus House (picture above, in the left).
In this wood building you will find three spots:
- One souvenir shop, with all the usual product;
- One premium store with fine glass products and jewelry;
- A path, very well achived, that takes you to the magic door, inside this door you will find Santa Claus Office, a cozy and warm room, you can talk with him and you are invited to take a picture with him, a picture that you can buy after you leave Santa´s room.  

In Santa Claus room you also have a videocamara that is broadcasting a live feed to the internet. You can give this link to your family back home and they can see you during your stay in the room.

Checkout Santa Claus Office Live, in Rovanimei.

After you visit Santa Claus Room you can enjoy the wonderful space around. You have several areas that will make you feel great, mainly:
- Husky Park (1 mile away from this area)
- Santa's Ice Park
- Rendeer zone
- Santa's Post Office

Santa's Ice Park
This was one of my favourite parts. A few meters behind Santa Claus Room building you will find an area that costs 8€ to enter. At the beggining it seems to be expensive but, at the end you will find it worth every cent. The ticket is valid for one day, this means that you can enter as many times as you want, during the day.
In Ice Park you will find three main areas, one or two spaces where you can sit on a sleigh/float and jump, sliding in the snow (very funny for adults and for children).
The second area is a small ice house, with wall and cover in ice with some styrofoam balls inside (kids will love this area).
Finnaly the most impressive area, a fire burning with rendeer skins to heat yourself by the snow. It's amazing the good it felt to be there, right next to the fire, getting hot with -15º temperature.

santa claus
              village   santa claus
The entrance of Santa's Ice Park, and the fire by the snow.

santa claus village   santa claus
The ice house for children, inside Santa's Ice Park. A Wall with Village spots.

Husky Park
This was one of the areas that my daughter was expecting so much to see but, at
the end it was a bit dissapointing. First of all you will have to walk about 1 mile to your left to get there, and then you are invited to pay 8€ to see the Husky's and most of them are closed behind cages/bars.
After you pay for this "park" you can have a look around and you can also use an house where you can heat yourself and have a free tea.
There is the possibility to have a Husky Sleigh ride, but it will cost you around 20€ more, i belive it doesn't worth the price, as the ride is not long and it's limited to the Husky park zone.
At the end it was not one of my favourite areas to go in Santa Claus Village.

santa claus village

Rendeer Zone
This area is situated right next to Santa's Ice park. It's a small area where some people are dressed up with Lapland costumes and there are two or three pairs of rendeers with sleighs that the visitors can use for a short ride.
I do not remember quite exactly the price of this attraction, but i belive it's €20 and for that price i did not find it very interesting but, at the end, all the dreming of riding a sleigh pulled by a rendeer is there.

santa claus
                village    santa claus village

santa claus
                village    santa claus village

santa claus village