Santa Claus Park / Santa Park  

In Finland Lapland you found an underground theme park/cave, with show, a shopping arcade and more.
When you enter in the main door you can see a long walkway into a tunnel. You have the idea of entering in a cave, and you are!    Welcome to Santa Claus Park.

You start descending towards the ticket office where you must buy your tickets to Santa Claus Park.  They will cost  €23 for children and €28 for adult and they are valid for 2 consecutive days, this means that you can come again in the next day with no extra cost.
After the tickets you are in the Park, you have some shopping points, a food court, several amusements (most of them with an extra cost involved), one mini-train ride and a show. Let me give you my personal view of each one of them.

You can have a look to Santa Claus Park map, by clicking below.


rovaniemi santa park

Post Office

- A place that is supposed to be Santa Claus Post Office, where you can write a letter, buy some merchandising, stationery with Santa's image and the famous Artic Circle Certificate, a kind of diplom that certifies that you have been there,  crossing the line that marks the beggining of North Pole. An interesting spot.

Sleigh Ride
- This was one of my favourite spots on Santa's Park. You get in a roller train that takes you in a 3 minutes magic ride. You pass in several areas with toys, christmas segments, puppets and music. All with a very nice christmas ambience and very very charming. All the christmas fantasy is there
It was very funny and (please) go for a second and for a third ride, you'll always get to see  new things, new details, new toys.
It's free and my daughter enjoy it a lot (me too). Here  is the clip.