Santa Claus Park / Santa Park  

Elf Workshop

- In this room you will find an Elf that invites children to build a small Santa Claus face, with some simples elements, like a round small piece of wood, a piece of valvet tissue and cotton.
It's a simple idea but very effective, as children enjoy the moment and as they can take the small Santa Claus face back home, as a souvenir.
The room is very cozy and the wall is fully decorated with many of these figures.

Bakery / Gingerbread Kitchen

- Here you should expect to find a cooking area with biscuits, gingerbread cookies and other eatable products to buy.
Children are invited to get a giant cookie with the shape of an heart to decorate with cream, colors and some sweets. This is fun for the childrens but at the end you are asked to pay 2,50€ to take the cookie with you (!)

Even so, this is a fun moment for the children because they love to prepare the cookie and they love the flavour at the end.

Elf School

- This is a very funny spot, you are recived by a pair of Elf's in a small room were you're told about the Elf's and their school. After this short lesson you are inved to walk through a small and secret door (children love this moment) that takes you to  Elf School, a very well design and decorated room where they explain why they exist, how do they do their work and how they help Santa Claus delivering the presents.

In all the moments children and adults are invited to participate in the demonstrations. The best part is when they explain how they pick through the window to see if there's is peolpe on the house and the one where they explain the four secrets of the Elf's   

It will be possible to learn some Elf language and they ask the children to help them
Elf School is very well decorated, its a cozy space and the ilumination is fantastic, giving the school an excellent atmosphere. 
Kids will love this area, it's very funny and they will love to discover "the secrets".
At the end you are invited (once more) to buy something, in this case an "Elf School Certificate", but this is an optional item.
There are three classes each day and the admission is free.   
Ice Sculptures

- This is another paid area. In here you are invited to pay and see ice sculptures. They are really pretty but the admission is expensive and you can see almost all the exibithion from the outside. I did not bought this ticket as i wasn't interested.

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-  One of the best parts of Santa Claus Park. This is kind of theatre with Elf's, witches and many other figures. It's a story about love and its very pretty. My daughter love it and all the childrens and parents around me enjoy it very much. This show will be active 3 times a day. Please have a look at December 2010 show.

Santa Claus Office

- This is THE SPOT, the place where all the children want to go to meet the one and only Santa Caus!
Santa Claus Office is a very well decorated wooden room with all you would expect, a big table, xmas tree, many books, a fireplace and, of course, Santa Claus!
Santa is very enthusiastic, very friendly to the children with a tremendous patience to welcome and talk with them. The clothes are perfect and the beard is fantastic. At the end you are invited to take a photo with him, as you can get it on your email (15€) or take it with you (20€). I bouth the e-mail version and it arrived next day i also took some photos of my daughter with him with my camera, so i belive it's possible to have your own photos.

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Children Playground and Food Court

- In the main center of the park you will get a food and beverage zone, they have a high variety of products but the prices are a bit expensive. In my opinion i advise you to take a bottle of water and some sandwichs from an outside supermarket, if you want to save some money. I must warn you that if you dont' take some snacks with you this is the only place in a 3kms area, where you can have a cold meal. My daughter loved the plates, the fork and the knife because they are made of wood.
- Next to the food court there is a children playground where they can rest and play for a while. Santa Claus Park provided sofas, toys and space, so children only need to input some ideas and creativity. It's a nice area and there are many books, toys and dolls to play with.

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