Rovaniemi And Santa Claus Experience

This website was created after a trip that i've made to Lapland, in Finland, more exactly to Rovaniemi and Santa Claus Land, with my 6 years daughter.
This travel experience was excellent, the atmosphere that i felt there, on "Santa Claus land" was unique, and for my daughter it was an amazing time.
This site show some points about Rovaniemi, what you can find, what you can do and some advices to enjoy your trip to Santa Claus.
Check up the photos, informations and links that follow.

It's a dream come true to the children that belive in this true and pure idea of Santa Claus.

santa claus lapland  santa claus

Finnish legend has it that Santa Claus and his elves live at Korvatunturi, a remote and rugged point close to the Russian border, in northen Finland. However is here, at Rovaniemi that he spends Christmas season. Please enjoy this website and visit Rovanimei, you won't regret.